We give businesses the speed and agility of a small enterprise and the global reach of a large corporate.
— JDM Social

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My intuition says: 'Every brand or personal brand, has stories to tell —stories that will inform, engage, and impact their audience, but most importantly deliver a valuable message. Through studying BA Hons, Marketing Management at the University of Greenwich, in London, UK, I’ve been able to build upon the principles and practice of marketing.

The last 6 years I have been putting my studies into practice by working with several projects within Social Media Marketing & Management, Content marketing and Influencer marketing.

Furthermore, with a background within Mens Fashion Luxury department at Ralph Lauren (Purple Label/ RRL), I learn and practice the skill of excellent customer service & deploy sales strategy on my everyday tasks.



Social media changed my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t turn up to a park one day 8 years ago. Yes, you read that right, a park. There was a gathering of like minded people, who posted on Facebook and I decided to go along. I met some great people that day and ended up joining a community on YouTube. I learned video editing, videography, photography and built my personal brand across social media. Back then my career was being a professional actor, with lead roles in award winning TV shows and sitcoms.

But 5 years ago I realised that I’d much rather be behind the camera and use my business skills to help others. With 3 years in sales and business development I decided to go back to university to study marketing and gain some expertise on the theory to match my experience.

Now at 24, My life sounds amazing in bullet points; award wining actor, being the tango kid, a year working on a cruise ship, being part of the YouTube community and attending incredible events, performing at the O2 Arena, 2 years working as a wine advisor and travelling to 25+ countries. But that’s just fluff. They were fun and I’m proud of it. But it’s just the start.

JDM Social is what is now and the future. I live and breath marketing. Everything in my life leads me here, building a range of skills to help so many people crush social media.